Advantages Of Using a Custom Home Builder

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Choosing to build with a custom home builder has many benefits…

As the customer you are involved from start to finish in creating your dream home.

A custom home can been built to accommodate your budget.

You get to choose the design (floor plan) of your home to meet your desired preferences.

-Interior: You get to select 100% of the finishes and fixtures that makes your interior design visions come to life, such as countertops, paint colors, trim/cabinet design, flooring, hardware, plumbing fixtures and light fixtures.

-Exterior: You get to select the exterior finishes that make up the look of your home that people see on a daily basis…brick/stucco/rock, Gutter system, siding colors, and more!

You get more for your money! You get everything that you want without wasted or unused space, or paying for something that you don’t want in the first place.

Why buy a home that you like when you can build a home that you love?

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Interested in building a custom home? There’s never been a better time! Truly. Interest rates are at all time lows and Green Country is a great place to be.

We’re located in Bixby and would love to provide you with a free consultation to answer any of your questions and to share with you what the building experience looks like.

Do you have a location in mind or a style of a home? Be sure to let us know any of those details. We’ll reach out to you within 1 business day. We can meet in person, over zoom, or on the phone – whatever you prefer.