Remodel Gallery

Plum Legacy also specializes in home remodeling. With a “customer for life” approach, we are committed to you at every stage of the life of your home. We know your home and listen to your vision so when it’s time to remodel or update, you can trust we’re the best qualified to once again bring your dream to life. Custom design is the first step of planning all Plum Legacy projects. And as times change and family needs change, Plum Legacy wants you to be a customer for life. Remodeling is often the answer, when moving or rebuilding has been eliminated as an option. Look to the people who took care of you from the very beginning – either to finish your second level or redo the kitchen. We can add on a new addition or simply add crown molding to your den. We’re just as committed to remodeling as we are to building. Again, the quality doesn’t change, only the scale of the project. So when you expect more, expect Plum Legacy.

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